Great results from the Direct Career Service

Infographic: survey on direct career service pop-ups, overall experience rated 4.8 stars out of five, 96% of people found it easy to access support

Job seekers are finding success with free advice from career experts.

Created as part of the Government's COVID-19 response, the Direct Career Service has allowed people to get free, personalised career guidance over the phone and at pop-up locations throughout New Zealand.

Since its launch in October 2020, the service has had great success, with many job seekers getting help to update their CV, make a career plan and gain confidence to find work.

Ayesha's journey to finding full-time work

Ayesha's* journey to finding employment was more complicated than just choosing a career and applying for jobs. As a student, she found her university studies to be challenging as she struggled with cultural differences and English being her second language.

The Direct Career Service expert who helped Ayesha spoke of how these challenges led to a lack of self-belief and an unawareness of her skillset.

"She felt like she was not on the right career path. She was overthinking everything and felt quite distressed."

After getting help from the career expert, Ayesha gained not just a clear career path, but also confidence in herself. Soon after, Ayesha emailed the career expert to share her exciting news – she had secured full-time employment as a graphic designer.

"I really appreciate your assistance in helping me figure out what I find fulfilling in a career," she wrote.

"I think I was a frustrating case because of my lack of knowledge around what motivates me. I'm emailing you to let you know that my job search is over and I've accepted a graphic designer role."

The career expert was happy to hear about Ayesha's success and determination to keep moving forward.

A life-changing service for job seekers

The career experts providing the service have seen first-hand how life-changing the Direct Career Service has been.

"It was particularly rewarding to help a young lady who had been unemployed for two years gain the confidence to apply for and successfully gain work," one career expert said.

The job seekers who attend the pop-ups and talk with experts over the phone come from a range of different backgrounds.

"I had a client who was hit hard by COVID-19 and had been displaced from an industry he was in for over 20 years," one career expert said.

"He spoke highly of the Direct Career Service and how it helped him to remain positive and explore options he hadn't previously considered."

One career expert spoke of how the service has not only helped people find jobs, but also find meaning in what they do.

"All of our clients have found clarity, confidence and a plan for the future. It has been such a highlight helping individuals find their direction and purpose, as well as realising their worth within the world of work."

Get free advice from a career expert

You can book an over-the-phone career guidance session by calling 0800 601 301 from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Career advice pop-ups are also located across New Zealand until June 2021.


*Name has been changed.

Updated 18 Feb 2021