Make a career decision

How to make the right career decision for you.

How to make a career decision

Find out how you can compare options you're interested in, get advice and pick the right career for you.

What to consider when making a decision

How will a new job or a change in career affect your life outside work, and the people around you? You'll need to consider these aspects before you make any career decision.

Portfolio careers

How you can combine a range of marketable skills and interests into a portfolio career.

Entrepreneurship – turning a bright idea into a successful business

Find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and the steps for setting up a business.

Plan and act

Now that you have a firm idea about what you want to do, it's time to plan how to get there.

Poor literacy and numeracy skills limit job chances

If you find it difficult to read, write, solve problems and understand maths information you could limit your job chances.

Updated 29 May 2018