Credit work or learning towards a qualification

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Find out how you can get prior learning or experience credited towards a particular qualification.

If you’ve got skills from working in a particular field, or have earned tertiary study or training credits, you can apply to have this learning credited towards a qualification. This means you could get qualified faster and avoid having to repeat study. 

Types of recognition of learning

Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning allows you to have your existing skills and knowledge recognised as equivalent to part of a formal qualification. It’s also known as recognition of current competency.

You need to be able to demonstrate that you have achieved a certain standard of skill or knowledge. You might do this by showing things like:

  • photos of work you’ve created
  • awards or certificates you’ve gained
  • logbooks
  • a letter from your employer stating the work you did and the standard you achieved.

Your learning may be also assessed with:

  • a test
  • practical assessments
  • interviews with assessors
  • a review of your work portfolio.

Credit recognition and transfer

Credit recognition and transfer allows you to ask to transfer credits you’ve gained from one education provider to another. For example, you can do this when you:

  • start a second undergraduate qualification
  • start a qualification in New Zealand after earning one overseas
  • change education providers partway through a qualification.

Education providers usually make their decision by comparing your academic record of your original study, with the requirements of the qualification you’re aiming for.

You can request your academic record, also known as an academic transcript, from your original education provider.

How to apply for recognition of learning

Ask your education provider about recognition of learning before you enrol. Find out:

  • what you need to do to apply for recognition of learning
  • what you need to provide, such as logbooks, letters from past employers, or licences
  • what the application and assessment fees are.

Note that if you’re awarded a significant amount of credit, it could affect your student loans and allowances, particularly if it means you don’t need to study full time.

Next step

Your next career planning step is to apply for study. 

Updated 27 Jul 2023