Scholarships for Pacific learners

Scholarships for Pacific leaners

Find out where to look for scholarships for Pacific learners.

Scholarships may pay your costs, such as fees or accommodation, or give you a grant of money to support your study. Here’s where to find scholarships for Pacific people, and suggestions of where to get help.

Find scholarships for Pacific people online

Search StudySpy's scholarship information

Search StudySpy’s website for New Zealand and international Pacific scholarships by location, study level, provider and ethnicity.

Visit websites that list scholarships for Pacific people

Find general Pacific scholarships on websites such as:

Find Pacific scholarships for specific areas of study on websites such as:

Look on education providers' websites

Visit education providers’ websites to find out about their scholarships.

You can use our courses database to find contact details for education providers, and see samples of scholarships that relate to specific courses.

Search Generosity New Zealand’s database

You can search Generosity New Zealand’s givME database for scholarships. You can access the database at:

  • Citizens Advice Bureaux, public libraries and community centres
  • some secondary schools, universities and polytechnics.

Where else to find out about scholarships for Pacific people

You can also find out about scholarships from:

  • your school careers adviser
  • Pacific student support and liaison officers at the places where you're interested in studying
  • community and church leaders.

Updated 29 Oct 2021