Where to get qualified

where to get qualified

Find out where you can study or train for tertiary qualifications.

Types of tertiary education providers

You can study for tertiary qualifications at:

  • universities
  • institutes of technology and polytechnics
  • wānanga
  • private training establishments (PTEs)
  • industry training organisations (ITOs).

Tertiary qualifications range from Level 1 certificates to degrees at Levels 7 to 10.

Which providers offer which qualifications

In general:

  • universities offer degrees and postgraduate certificates and diplomas at Levels 7 to 10
  • institutes of technology and polytechnics, wānanga and PTEs offer diplomas and certificates at Levels 1 to 6, and vocational (work-related) degrees
  • ITOs offer apprenticeships, which lead to Level 4 New Zealand Certificates.

You can gain some qualifications in different ways

Some qualifications are offered in different ways by different education providers. For example, the New Zealand Certificate in Arboriculture (Level 5) is available through:

  • the Primary Industry Training Organisation, as an apprenticeship
  • Waikato Institute of Technology, as a full-time course.

Find out where to study for tertiary qualifications

Use our courses database to find:

  • all tertiary qualifications approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), including New Zealand Certificates available through apprenticeships
  • a summary of what each qualification covers
  • all the education providers that offer each qualification, and their contact details
  • what graduates earn, and their employment rate.

Check the Tertiary Education Commission’s website for a list of ITOs, the types of apprenticeships they oversee, and their contact details.

Check entry requirements for jobs before you enrol

If you want to do a specific job, check the entry requirements before you start studying, as they can vary. For example:

  • anaesthetic technicians enter work as trainees before enrolling in a qualification
  • teachers study for a qualification before they start work
  • animal care attendants learn on the job
  • electricians do an apprenticeship involving on-the-job learning and courses

  • Job profiles - search for entry requirements for over 400 jobs

Foundation courses can help you catch up

Most education providers offer foundation courses, ranging from Level 1 to Level 5 certificates. They are useful if you:

  • need to learn, or refresh, study skills
  • need to catch up on subjects, or get University Entrance (UE) before you can enrol for your intended qualification
  • want to see what tertiary study’s like, and whether you can cope with it, before you have to pay full course fees.

Some education providers also offer short courses to help you prepare for academic study. These don’t count towards your qualification.

Visit the website of the place you want to study to find out what they offer.

Updated 18 Oct 2020