Approaching schools

A female student in uniform sits next to an employer on a couch looking and smiling at an iPad.

Before you approach schools, make sure you have a solid plan

Schools want to connect with employers. But before you build connections with a school, make sure you have a plan that includes some long term commitment and some thought on activities you’d like to do.

Here are some ways you can go about this.

Get Careers New Zealand to help

Careers New Zealand can help you make connections with schools directly and through our programmes such as:

  • Industry Big Day Outs, workplace visits, presentations and hands-on activities
  • Career expos – presenting your business at expo events
  • Industry Field Events – supporting your industry events, publicising your events.

Our team also has connections with community organisations relevant to employers such as the Mayor's Taskforce for Jobs, Employers and Manufacturers Association, Work and Income.

Get help from community organisations

You can join initiatives run by organisations such as your industry association, Work and Income and your local city council.

Approach schools directly

You can make approaches to your school through the school’s career advisor, school counsellor or Gateway co-ordinator.

Updated 23 May 2019