Learn more about your training options

Where to go to find out more about the study and training options available to you.

Finding education and training information on our website

Our courses database has details of thousands of courses offered by providers all around the country, and includes:

  • a brief description of the course
  • course entry requirements
  • the credits and qualification you'll earn
  • whether the course can be done through distance learning
  • contact details for the education provider
  • link to the education provider’s website, where you can get more information.

The best way to find training information depends on how clear you are about what you’re looking for.

Got a specific job in mind?

If you know what job or jobs you're interested in, you can look at the training information listed under that job.

To do this, search our job database for the right job, then look at the  ‘how to enter the job’ information. This will describe what training you need, and should link through to related course information.

Not quite sure what your options are?

Maybe you want to return to work after a break, or want to retrain so you can switch careers. Find out what types of courses and training you can do, and what types of education providers are out there.

Tips to help you work through your training options

  • Visit training organisations to get an idea of whether you would enjoy your time there. Meet the tutors and look at the facilities.
  • Talk to people currently working in the job you’re interested in. Ask them about their experience of training, and see if they have any advice to give you. 
  • Go to career expos to meet training providers, industry representatives and prospective employers and ask them everything you want to know.
  • Look at the websites and prospectuses for training providers, industry organisations and recruitment agencies. They may answer some of your questions.
  • Speak to your current employer about your options for further training or study.

Use our 'Training research summary worksheet' to keep track of what you find out about different courses or training you can do. You can then compare different options to help you make a decision about what to do.

Updated 17 Jan 2019