Find out more about the jobs you like

Learn more about the jobs you're interested in so you can make an informed career choice.

Questions to ask when researching jobs

What to keep in mind when doing your research about jobs:

  • How do I get into the job?
  • Do I need to do any study or training to get into this job?
  • What are the job opportunities and pay like?
  • Are there training or geographical limitations? For example, can the job only be done in certain regions of New Zealand, or is there only one education provider that trains people for the job?

Learn about jobs in demand

Understanding about jobs are in demand can help narrow your career options. Find out:

  • What jobs are in demand now 
  • What regions have the most jobs
  • What jobs may be at risk of automation.


Talk to people working in the job or industry

Talking to people working in the job you're interested in and getting their advice and suggestions can tell you what a job is really like. You can talk to:

  • People doing the jobs that you're interested in
  • Professional associations
  • Training providers, industry representatives and prospective employers at career expos. 

See if you can try out the job

Work experience is a very real way of checking if a job is right for you. To get work experience you can:

  • Do volunteer work
  • Talk to your career advisor at school or Gateway co-ordinator
  • Visit the workplace of someone you know
  • Check out websites that advertise for interns
  • Ask workplaces for an opportunity to intern or do work experience.

Once you've done your research, revise your list

By doing some research, you should be able to remove some jobs from your list, or add new jobs to your list of career ideas.

Updated 17 Jan 2019