Get ready for a job in construction while still at school

Get NCEA credits and work experience to get that construction job when you leave school.

It’s never been a better time to work in construction with 57,600 more people needed in the industry by 2026. Start pre-trade training at school to make it easier to get into an apprenticeship.

Here are some ways you can get out of the classroom and learn construction skills while completing NCEA.

Get construction experience through Gateway

Gateway gives you onsite work experience, knowledge and skills combined with learning about construction in the classroom. The programme is a good opportunity to get to know local industry employers who may give you a job when you leave school.

Study construction through trades academies and BConstructive

Trades academies give you a head start on training for apprenticeships and provide a smooth pathway to employment from school. You can combine study at a trades academy with studies towards NCEA.

BConstructive gives you the trades knowledge and skills you need to launch into a career in the construction industry. The programme leads to the National Certificate in Building, Construction, and Allied Trades Skills (BCATS) qualifications at NCEA Level 1 and 2.

Get construction-ready

Pre-trade training allows you to get practical experience while you're still at school, and teaches technical and employable skills for construction jobs. You're more likely to get an apprenticeship if employers know you have some experience.

To find out what your school offers talk to a teacher, Gateway co-ordinator or career adviser.

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Updated 31 Oct 2019